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Biological Control of Invasive Pests of Coconut Using Predatory Black Earwig, Chelisoches morio (Fabr.) (Chelisochidae, Dermaptera) in S&T Community-Based Farm in Nagcarlan, Laguna

This project intends to showcase the effectiveness of Chelisoches morio (Fabr.) as a biological control agent of invasive pests of coconut in increasing the productivity and income of coconut farmers in Nagcarlan, Laguna through the STCBF project. It is composed of two studies – Study 1 is the research component of the project which will be conducted within the first six months of project implementation. This is to determine through experimentation the voracity of the predator to the target pest. Likewise, the recovery of infested coconut palms from CLB and CBM with or without predator release will be compared. Study 2 is the establishment of the STCBF project. This component will be done solely in the field to showcase the utilization of the predatory black earwig for the management of invasive pests of coconut.