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Future of pulses in global and regional agri-food systems

The Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR) released recent findings of pulse-related foresight reports focusing on climate change impacts, adaptation, and mitigation.

Image Source: CGIAR

According to CGIAR, the three main topics covered by the 26 publications that provided the most recent foresight reports on pulses are the impact of climate change on pulse production, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies related to pulses, and future projections on the supply, demand, or supply-demand gaps for pulses. 

Targeting pulse crop research toward regions where they are important in human diets was found to be the most evident research gap. For instance, in the nations that make up the drylands of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the majority of pulses are grown for domestic use rather than export. Therefore, foresight studies on pulses are necessary to support policies aimed at improving food and nutrition security in these regions.

With this, future studies should tackle the issues of trade and demand shifts in the dryland regions. If current patterns continue, there will be significant supply-demand discrepancies in some regions and countries within the dryland areas. . Future studies should also identify tailored policies to improve trade across dryland regions and encourage shifts in consumer demand. Those pulses more suited to production should replace less suitable ones in human diets. Additionally, future studies should assess the impact of climate-induced biotic stressors and weather extremes on pulse production to identify solutions for minimizing the negative effects. To date, no foresight-related study has examined the impact on pulses and adaptation options for pests, diseases, and weeds related to climate change, as well as the impact of weather extremes on pulses.

Reference: Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (2023, December 18). What do we know about the future of pulses in global and regional agri-food systems?. Retrieved February 28, 2024 from

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