Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Milkfish Core-Satellite Hatchery Rollout

DOST-PCAARRD improved the supply of milkfish fry for grow-out culture, through the establishment of additional core-satellite hatchery network. The core hatchery will sustain the satellite hatcheries to maintain a steady supply of quality milkfish fry and fingerlings in the country. This system is estimated to produce 100-150M fry/year, filling up part of the gap in fry production resulting in reduced fry importation.

This scheme is now being adopted by at least 14 milkfish hatcheries producing a total of 143.7million fry/year exceeding the industry target of 50-100 million fry/year. At a rate of PhP0.40 per fry, the income generated was worth PhP57.48M.

The major accomplishment of the study was the Milkfish Core-Satellite Hatchery Technology