Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

PCA-Recommended Coconut Hybrids and Cultivars for VCO and Coconut Sap Sugar

Through the utilization of coconut genetic resources for high value products, best performing hybrids and varieties recommended for commercial production of coconut sap sugar and VCO were identified. The processing protocols from sugar grade toddy harvesting to sap sugar processing and packaging for commercial production of coco sap sugar were also optimized.

Four hybrids (PCA 15-2, PCA 15-1, PCA 15-3, AND PB 121) and two dwarf varieties (CATD AND MRD) were recommended for coconut sugar production with high toddy yield (6,000-8,600 L/hectare per month) and sap sugar (700-1,000 kg/ha per month).

Further, five hybrids (PCA 15-8, SYN VAR, PCA 15-9, PCA 15-3, PCA 15-2); 5 tall varieties (BAYT, SNRT, TAGT, BAOT, LAGT); and 1 dwarf variety with 5-7 liters (L)/palm oil yield, high vitamin E, and lauric content were recommended for virgin coconut oil (VCO) production.