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Root Trainer for the production of quality planting materials

One aspect of growth improvement in rubber plants is in the good root development. For better growth of rubber seedlings, root trainer technology has been developed. Root trainers are specifically designed plastic containers which have vertical ridges inside to promote healthy growth of roots. Unlike polybag plants, the potting medium used is coir pith. Rubber plants grown in root trainer having two mature whorls are already for transplanting in 8 months after seed sowing. The root trainer technology enhances the development of straight tap root and many root hairs allowing the rubber plant to withstand environmental stress after planting.


• Early budding starting at 28 up to 60 days
• Prevents coiling of roots inside the cup
• Better survival in the field
• Resistance to wind
• Easy transport (weighs less than 0.5 kg)
• Less labor requirement
• Environment friendly