Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Banana productivity and supply chain enhancement in Cagayan Valley Region

Focusing on Saba, Lakatan, and Latundan varieties, the program was proposed to sustain the banana industry in Cagayan. The program titled “Enhancing the Productivity and Supply Chain of Banana Industry in Cagayan Valley Region” will rehabilitate and improve the banana industry in Cagayan along the supply chain: from input suppliers to banana production to consumers of banana-based products or fresh banana. It is also expected that this project will induce or encourage the adoption of improved technology and grow bananas in commercial types, improve the supply chain and reduce BBTV occurrence.

From the baseline yield data of 10.67 MT/hectare/year for Lakatan and 16.14 MT/ha/year of Saba in Region 2, it is aiming that the yield will increase after five years to 18 MT/ha and 22 MT/ha or an increase of 7.33MT and 5.86MT for Lakatan and Saba, respectively. Assuming that 5% of total areas planted to Lakatan and Saba will improve their farms, there will be an increase of around 1,112 MT and 4,671 MT annually for Lakatan and Saba, respectively. This requires enhanced technology transfer/extension activities to banana producers.