Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

DOST-PCAARRD-CMU Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Technology Business Incubator

The Central Mindanao University is one of the leading universities in the fields of agriculture, forestry and related fields. Research, being one of the four-fold functions of CMU, generated technologies in different fields. However, commercialization of these technologies remains a cloudy realization. Business incubation is one of the ways to commercialize these technologies. It has been globally recognized as an important tool in economic development and job creation. The ATBI will be developed based on the need to commercialize research based technologies to its target clients. Some of the matured technologies spawned from CMU researches are mushroom production, vermicomposting, poultry, dairy and beef, swine, goat production. Thus, these technologies are the focus for incubation for the first two years of its operation. Incubatees will be guided in all aspects of starting up the business until they are able to stand on their own and finally manage their established business. Eventually, the ATBI will cater to other technologies generated by researchers and existing research centers in the university such as food processing and natural products. Lastly, the ATBI is a way of responding to RA 10055 or the technology transfer act, mandating the institutions conducting research to look into technology transfer as one of their strategic missions so the technologies generated can be of use to the Filipino people.

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