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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory of Industrial Tree Plantation (ITP) Production Chain in CARAGA Region, Mindanao

A GHG inventory study was conducted for Industrial Tree Plantation (ITP) production chain in Caraga Region. GHG emissions from ITP activities that include harvesting, minor and major log transport, and veneer and lumber production were accounted for. The carbon stored in lumber and veneer was also computed. Specifically, the calculated GHG emissions (CO2e) from harvesting, minor log transport, and major log transport operations amounted to 0.006 Mg m-3, 0.077 Mg m-3, and 0.059 Mg m-3, respectively. Moreover, veneer and production resulted to GHG (CO2e) emissions of 0.197 Mg m-3 and 0.146 Mg m-3, respectively. Likewise, the computed amount of carbon stored in lumber and veneer equal to 0.125 Mg m-3. Further analysis shows that lumber and veneer production have a net GHG emission of 0.266 Mg m-3 and 0.317 Mg m-3, respectively which implies a/an storage/emission of CO2 in/from veneer and lumber.

Finally, a series of short training courses on GHG Inventory for ITP Production were conducted at DENR-Agusan del Sur PENRO Conference Room on May 28-29, 2019. It was attended by a total of 40 participants coming from DENR Region 13, Caraga State University, tree farmers, tree plantation owners, primary wood processors and other interested individuals.

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