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SemEx: a semen extender mixture for use with artificial insemination

SemEx is a powdered semen extender formulation that is used in AI. It provides nutrients for the spermatozoa that a buck has ejaculated and buffers against changes in pH, provides an isotonic environment, and protects the spermatozoa against cold shock when cooled and stored in a chilled state or against freezing injury when the semen is frozen. It uses soybean lecithin instead of the usual egg yolk mixture to address the problem of increased production of phospholipase A, which is detrimental to the sperm cells.

It was proven very effective in lengthening the viability of the goat spermatozoa under refrigerated storage from 48 hours to 110 hours and in increasing post-thaw motility by 50%. Use of powdered SemEx eases the problems of handling and storage, especially when AI is done at a great distance from the laboratory.

Semex was formulated by Isabela State University (ISU) and is currently being used in AI across Region 2 and neighboring regions.  


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Aubrey Joy Balbin (Technology Generator)

Isabela State University (ISU)

Echague, Isabela


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