Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Biological Interventions in Coconut Scale Insect (CSI) Calamity Areas in Basilan, ARMM

The project is intended to address the urgent need of containing the devastations brought about by the infestation of the Coconut Scale Insects (CSI) in Basilan. Since 2010, CSI has damaged almost 100% of the coconut farms in Basilan. In 2016, the pest had already reached the Zamboanga areas despite the interventions done by the government through PCA-XIV-ARMM and the Basilan Provincial LGU. The protocol on biological approach through rearing and dispersal of the natural enemies, particularly the CSI parasitoid Comperiella sp., has shown promising effects. A 65%-92% parasitization of the natural enemies was already done in some trials of DLSU and this protocol will be adopted on a larger scale to help fast-track the control of the infestations in Basilan.