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Development of Sustainable Philippine Mallard Duck Production System

The Duck Industry Association of the Philippines Inc. (DIAPI), which was organized in 2002 has indicated that currently the productivity of the local egg type mallard duck ranges from 50 to 55%. The association further indicated that one of the major factors affecting the local duck industry is the lack of quality breeder stocks and replacement pullets. Thus, the DIAPI expressed interest to participate in pursuing an organized breeding and selection work to ensure stable supply of quality breeder ducks and commercial pullets. 

The main objective of this study is to offer sustainable solutions to the problem of poor and inconsistent production performance of the Philippine Mallard duck through genetic improvement and development of signature Philippine duck breed. With these in mind, the project has been able to improve the egg-laying performance of the Philippine Mallard ducks by 5% per generation thru an organized selection and breeding in the production of breeder ducks, develop breeding-true-to type populations of layer-type Mallard duck leading to the development of Philippine signature egg-type duck breeds, establish a sustainable breeder duck and day-old duckling production and distribution systems, and evaluate the profitability of quality breeder day-old-duckling and ready-to-lay pullet production enterprise.

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