Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Innovative Marketing and Distribution System of Ethnic Duck Egg Delicacies and New Products

A marketing plan and a distribution plan are relevant in providing effective strategies that promote industry growth and better resource allocation. It is imperative that this research develops a marketing and distribution plan for the balut industry, as this can create backward and forward linkages that foster local employment and increase economic activity. The objectives of this plan is to examine and assess the current supply and distribution channels used in the balut industry, identify strengths and weaknesses that the current industry has, identify the opportunities and challenges that the industry faces, assess current duck inventory in order to determine feasibility of 15% increase in egg production in targeted regions (R2, 3 4A, 6, 9, 11 and 12), identify the ideal locations where market centers for breeder ducks and balut can be established, assess current and potential demand for balut given its nutritional and cultural value, explain current market behavior and form value propositions considering current and potential consumers, determine market segmentation unique to the consumption of the products, determine effective communication strategies for the product towards 33% increase in duck consumption by year 2020, and develop effective marketing strategies relevant to ethnic duck egg delicacies and novel products. 

After the completion of this plan, it will result in established historical context to the processes and agents that have allowed for the creation of balut as a cultural icon, established niche of balut in the street food sector that could be a basis for marketing plans of the product, established organizational context to the production and sale of balut, narrative report on the country’s balut culture, established consumer-based context on the patronage of balut, established information for exploring marketing strategies to increase demand for balut, established information to aide marketing studies on balut to avoid failure studies, established database of balut industry’s supply and distribution rate in the country, and established information to aide in rebranding of duck egg products

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