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Evaluation of mussel longline culture technology in non-traditional areas

Verification of longline technology at different productivity and depth would aid in the expansion of culture areas in the country. The longline system is more environmentally friendly than the present bamboo stake method that has also limited the expansion of the industry through these years. It opened other suitable areas to mussel farming and generated both investment opportunities and employment.

The mussel longline culture technology in non-traditional areas was evaluated. They refined the longline technology for it to be applicable to different water conditions. The yield performance of mussels cultured at varying water productivity and depth was determined. The economic viability and social acceptability of the technology were also studied. It was discovered that mussels cultured offshore can grow at a rate of 0.69 cm in length and 4.38 g in weight per month. Survival was highest in 100 stocking densities at 1m hanging intervals at an average of 47.67% from 3 sites at different hydrographic conditions. Also, 400 stocking densities at 0.5-meter hanging intervals were optimal, which increased stocking rate thus optimizing yield at harvests.

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