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GeM-Phil: Genetic Characterization of Macrobrachium Populations in the Philippines for Broodstock Development and Seed Production

Due to various human interventions like overexploitation, environmental pollution and habitat loss, the natural population of Macrobrachium species is declining. There is also a great deal of confusion over the exact identity of both wild and hatchery-bred M. rosenbergii stocks in the Philippines. The use of mtDNA genes, microsatellite markers and EST/Next gen sequencing data have been used to identify populations as well as to discover genes that code for important traits in Macrobrachium.

This project will map the genetic resources of M. rosenbergii in the Philippines through comparison of the mtDNA sequences from shrimp collected from various places in the country and discovery of biomarkers related to growth and sexual differentiation. Through this project, it is envisioned that by identifying suitable populations of M. rosenbergii for subsequent broodstock development, a carefully laid out blueprint is implemented to ensure continuous production of good quality fry for the development of a sustainable aquaculture of M. rosenbergii in the Philippines.

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