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LAMP kits for detection of disease pathogens

LAMP reaction of C. asianum LAMP primers in varying conditions

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification or LAMP has been one of the popular molecular techniques used by several researchers in detecting the presence of pathogenic microscopic organisms that cause diseases to plants, animals, and even humans. A study developed a LAMP detection assay kit to detect the causative fungi of anthracnose, stem-end rot, and scab diseases of Philippine ‘Carabao’ mango. The developed LAMP assays were packaged in kits to rapidly detect anthracnose and stem-end rot disease and include instructions on using them. Since the causal fungus was not isolated for the mango scab disease, the scab tissues were subjected for histopathology and metagenomic analysis. Results suggest that the suspected pathogen Elsinoe sp. was not present in the scab disease tissue.