Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Mussel Biotechnology Program

Mussel Biotechnology Program developed high-value compounds such as shelf-stable bioactive peptides, encapsulated lipid products, and food-grade and lab-grade glycogen from mussels. Promising results include qualification for the protein nutritional claims, high levels of iron and polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids, the presence of omega fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory activities. Patent application for the freeze-dried peptide powder and antioxidant-oil suspension is in preparation.

Glycogen extraction was optimized using a sonicator bath and probe-type ultrasonicator, and the percentage yield was increased using distilled water as a solvent for hydrolysis and vinegar as a purifying agent. The presence of glycogen was confirmed to be 12% in Perna viridis, 8% in Modiolus philippinarum, and 12% in Mytella strigata. Food-grade glycogen showed no toxicity using brine shrimp and zebrafish embryo lethality assays, and was used to develop cosmetic products such as cream, ointment, and soap. Lab-grade glycogen was also developed with comparable purity with the standard or commercial glycogen, as well as tested as a DNA carrier. Screened bioactivities of crude extracts showed antifungal properties against human dermatophytes and antibacterial properties against bacteria. Utility models were also applied for glycogen extraction and purification.

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