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Mussel longline technology

Mussel Longline Technology is an alternative to stake method in culturing mussels. It consists of a mainline of at least 18-millimeter (mm) diameter polypropylene (PP) rope. The length of the mainline may vary from 20 m to 100 m depending on available capital and the size of the culture area. Recycled plastic containers are used as floats, which are tied to the main rope at 1-3 m intervals and may be modified by increasing the number of plastic containers as necessary. The rope is anchored at the bottom by a mooring device. Mussel spats (1-3 cm long) are placed in socks made of used onion bags at a density of 200-400 spats/m depending on the size of mussels initially stocked. Socks with mussels are then hung at 50-cm interval in the main line. The longline is generally deployed perpendicular to the water current.

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