Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Program E. Genomics Applications in Mud Crab Aquaculture and Resources Management

This program used high throughput DNA sequencing methods to generate novel SNP markers for stock delineation and traceability of natural populations of mangrove crabs. It also harnessed recent advances in genomic marker technology, image analysis, mobile computing and GIS to develop solutions to mangrove crab rearing problems.

Innovations in the field of genomics, image analysis, mobile computing and GIS can be used to sustain and improve mangrove crab production.

The program was able to identify the SNP markers for stock delineation for the 3 Scylla spp.  Significant genetic structure detected among natural populations for all three Scylla spp. indicating that these do not constitute a single genetic stock across the Philippine archipelago. In addition, a map of relative distribution of Scylla species across the archipelago was generated coupled with morphological and molecular identification.

Different innovations were also developed: (1) CrabAPP (now called CRABIFIER) – a mobile application to identify species of juvenile mangrove crabs; (2) CrabMAP – temperature vulnerability maps of aquaculture sites and mangrove crab production; (3) CrabMOLT – temperature and salinity combinations for increased molting frequency, synchrony and shell quality; (4) CrabADAPT – climate smart farming by finding populations naturally adapted to temperature stress; and (5) CrabSNP – breeding for the market preferred “Baklang alimango”.

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