Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

STCBF on Improving Ulang Production in Quezon Province

This STCBF project intends to promote wider adoption of the recommended S&T interventions in ulang production through STCBF modality; establish a community grower group management system; and enhance active participation and empower the community with the help of the LGUs and local organizations in promoting the application of the recommended technologies. Further, this STCBF project hopes to capacitate 43 fishermen from Sariaya and Lucban in Quezon Province in the production of quality ulang through adoption of recommended cultural practices. It aims to increase the amount of quality ulang produced and promote efficiency in terms of production. It is expected that this group of fishermen will serve as models on ulang production in the community. Major activities of the project shall be: (1) formation and strengthening of farm clusters by farmers’ association; (2) capability building; and (3) application of recommended production technologies.

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