Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform


Milkfish Synbiotic-enriched Feeds

The project aimed to address the current problems of the Philippine Milkfish Industry such as declining supply of stocks from the wild, high mortality rate, and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through developing a novel dietary synbiotic product made from endogenous probiotics and under-utilized plant-based raw materials as prebiotic. Significant accomplishment of the project was …

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Milkfish Core-Satellite Hatcheries

To address the shortage in milkfish fry for grow-out culture, aquaculture researchers adopted the milkfish hatchery core-satellite scheme adopted from milkfish hatchery operation in Gondol, Bali, Indonesia.  This scheme provides milkfish eggs for hatching to satellite hatcheries. The eggs come from a core hatchery that maintains the broodstock. The core hatchery sustains the milkfish satellite …

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Automatic Fry Counter

The automatic fry counter is a laser fry-counting tool that addresses the problem of rigorous and inaccurate manual counting of milkfish fry. The tool was designed to minimize stress during the counting process and reduce the overall period of counting. The design for the automatic fry counter has been based on initial observations of fry …

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Automated Mechanical top and Bottom Feeders

Automated and mechanized feeding systems are indispensable in smart aquaculture where precision and efficiency are imperative.  However, the adoption of highly-sophisticated feeding systems can be cost-prohibitive. Researchers have developed prototypes of automated mechanical top and bottom feeders at a cost of PhP10,000-12,000 per unit which is 50% cheaper than commercially available imported feeders. The automatic …

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