Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Accelerated R&D Program NICER

The program, which has 3 projects, aims to establish an R&D center for native chickens in Region 9 that is expected to accelerate production of quality breeder stocks through enhanced breeding, feeding and production management strategies suitable for native chickens.

Enhancement of Breeding and Feeding Management Systems for Increased Productivity of ZamPen Native Chicken

This project aims to increase ZamPen native chicken production thru an innovative breeding management strategy that is based on information generation thru the previously conducted R&D, formulate and develop feed mix for hardened chicks, growers and layers by utilizing agro-industrial by-products and plant-based materials, evaluate the costs and returns of native chickens raised under different breeding and feeding management systems, and promote R&D outputs thru packaging of IEC materials and conduct of short training courses and seminars to technology adopters and other native chicken stakeholders.

Molecular and Nutrient Evaluation of ZamPen Native Chicken

This project aims to identify genetic markers associated with the production and meat quality traits of ZamPen native chicken using pstl-derived SNPs dataset, generate a reference genome sequence for ZamPen native chicken, and establish the chemical and nutrient composition of ZamPen native chicken meat.

Product Development, Promotion, and Marketing of ZamPen Native Chicken

This project aims to develop products and process formulations from culled native chicken, determine the carcass yield and sensory characteristics of grower and culled native chicken meat and meat products, calculate the profitability of processing native chicken meat and eggs, develop a marketing survey tool to assess the need of the consumers and suppliers for the native chicken R&D center, and promote the technical support services to be offered by the Center to various stakeholders in the region.

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