Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Artificial Insemination

This proposed project aspires to test and validate the artificial insemination (AI) technology as a tool in enhancing the reproductive efficiency of Philippine native chickens and develop semen processing and AI protocols that would match the native chicken breeding and farm management practices in the country. Specifically the proposed project aims to characterize the semen of Darag and ZamPen roosters, determine the effect of semen processing and short-term preservation on the fertilizing capacity of Darag and ZamPen roosters’ semen, assess the AI protocol for chicken on Darag and ZamPen hens, evaluate the fertility and hatchability of Darag and ZamPen eggs fertilized thru AI, evaluate the egg production performance of Darag and ZamPen hens raised in layer cages, and evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of AI in Philippine native chicken breeding and production.

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