Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform

Establishment of ZamPen Native Chicken Breeding Population with Improved Egg Production and Growth Performance

This proposed R&D project envisions to establish a ZamPen native chicken breeding population with improved egg production and growth performance. The free-range breeding and hatchery technologies that were developed by WMSU are now applied in JHCSC station, an on-going study. Moreover, innovations on the technologies and systems of improved native chicken breeding and production management will also be applied especially in the development of locally compounded ration and feeding of forages as supplements minimizing feed cost. Locally prepared anthelmintics are also prepared as a dewormer to the native chicken. The project will be an enhancement of the on-going project of JHCSC-Dumingag Campus and WMSU which will be implemented for two years. The project is expected to produce a total of 25,000 hardened ZamPen native chicken, from which the top 20% (5,000 head) will be selected as replacement breeder stocks or breeder quality ZamPen native chicken that will be sold to farmers or groups who would want to engage in ZamPen native chicken production.

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