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BUTC Tabaco Campus Project: The Eel Fishery in Tributaries Along Lagonoy Gulf: Implications for Management and Conservation

A total of 13 rivers in Lagonoy Gulf were identified; 6 in Catanduanes; 5 in Albay and 4 in Camarines Sur. GIS mapping and habitat characterization of rivers and tributaries had been done.

Caudal pigmentation description and Initial DNA result reveals a total of 3 species found in LG with Catanduanes having 2 species such as Angilla marmorata and A. bicolor pacifica while Albay and Camarines Sur with A. marmorata, A. bicolor pacifica and few species of A. luzonensis were documented. 

Traditional fishing gears and practices were also documented as well as the passive gears for catching glass eels to adult stage. Ichthyotoxic plants used for adult eel were also documented. The project also studied the supply and value chain for eel fishery in Bicol region. Policy recommendation was drafted for LGY on the conservation and management of the resource species.

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