Industry Strategic Science and Technology Plans (ISPs) Platform


PCA-Recommended Coconut Hybrids and Cultivars for VCO and Coconut Sap Sugar

Through the utilization of coconut genetic resources for high value products, best performing hybrids and varieties recommended for commercial production of coconut sap sugar and VCO were identified. The processing protocols from sugar grade toddy harvesting to sap sugar processing and packaging for commercial production of coco sap sugar were also optimized. Four hybrids (PCA …

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Coconut genomics-Assisted Molecular Breeding

The Coconut Genomics Program aims to improve coconut productivity through genomics-assisted marker selection for yield traits and molecular breeding of existing varieties. These include hybrid, on-farm selection, and economically beneficial cultivars. The program makes use of farmer’s field selections and selected coconut varieties, single-cross hybrids and advanced mapping populations of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA). …

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Coconut Hybridization Program

The Tacunan Dwarf x Laguan Tall (TACDxLAGT) hyrbids produced by the project thru assisted hybridization scheme in D’Farm, Brgy. Caldong, Sampaloc, Quezon.

Geared towards guaranteeing the production and ensuring sustainability of quality hybrids for the production of selected high-value products including coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil (VCO), and buko, the project titled Performance Evaluation of the 2-Pronged Coconut Hybridization Scheme in CALABARZON is being implemented by the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) – Region IV. The project is …

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Coconut Somatic Embryogenesis Technology (CSet)

CSet Cultures: A. Plumule-derived calloids; B. Somatic Embryos; C. Shootlet; D. Plantlet; and E. First fully-developed plantlet cv. Baybay Tall (BAYT)

The CSet Program, a 5-year program funded by DOST-PCAARRD, aims to mass propagate coconut planting materials using plumular tissues of identified tall, dwarf and hybrid varieties through coconut somatic embryogenesis. This program adopted the enhanced PCA-CSet protocol in seven (7) partner tissue culture laboratories that were upgraded for the protocol.  These laboratories are located in …

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Biological Control of Coconut Scale Insects (CSI)

Aspidiotus rigidus, an invasive pest commonly known as coconut scale insect (CSI) reached devastating outbreak levels in different areas in the Philippines, which is still a threat in other coconut areas in the Philippines as shown by the Species Distribution Model with high predictive power. Nevertheless, a native parasitoid Comperiella calauanica, first described in the …

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