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Goat AI Delivery System: improving the stocks without a buck

Enhancing goat farm production performance is critical for raisers in the countryside to increase their production volume and income. To promote the genetic improvement of stocks at the farm level even without maintaining a male breeder, the National Program on Slaughter Goat promoted the Artificial Insemination Delivery System (AI-DS). This protocol includes securing the source of semen from superior bucks, training AI service providers and goat raisers on basic reproductive physiology and AI administration, distribution of processed semen to coordinating stations, and actual insemination.  To date, this system has been institutionalized with the Unified National AI Program of DA, which formerly caters only to cattle and carabao. Incentives to goat AI providers as well as support for hormone, liquid nitrogen gas, and biologics from DA are also now included.

Considering that not all farmers have access to good breeder bucks, this system is therefore seen as a faster and more convenient way to increase the quality and number of goats in participating regions. 

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