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Low-salt fermented mussel sauce as potential functional food and ingredient

Value-added products from mussel are also currently available in the local market such as dried mussel crackling, fermented mussel paste (bagoong), bottled smoked mussel, and vacuum-fried mussel. With the availability of resources during peak season, the potential of utilizing Philippine green mussels as a bio-resource for extractable bioactive compounds for the development of functional food is promising.    

The production of mussel sauce as a potential alternative livelihood was explored to increase the utilization of mussels. They developed a low-salt fermented mussel sauce that offers a nutritionally-rich condiment containing essential amino acids and minerals as well as provides health benefits beyond nutrition. This natural food ingredient and condiment also contains bioactive substances exhibiting antioxidant activities. Its successful production is an innovation that addresses the need of a specific market niche requiring a low-salt seasoning better than the traditional fish sauce.

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