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Suitability assessment and database development for enhanced mussel culture management using geospatial technologies

To provide an adequate response to the problem of low production in the mussel industry, it is important to utilize possible sites where both hydrographic and biophysical conditions favor mussel growth in the Philippines. The identification of suitable and potential areas for mussel culture could provide an impetus for the expansion of mussel culture leading to increased mussel production. The additional areas grown to mussels could lead to a more sustainable mussel industry, which can help in addressing national issues like food security, livelihood and poverty alleviation.

The project determined areas in the Philippines suitable for green mussel culture based on physicochemical parameters. Potential areas suitable for green mussel culture were identified using geospatial technologies such as Geospatial Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS). Eight sites were identified as existing mussel culture areas, 12 sites are less suitable, and 14 sites as suitable. A total of 5,636.05 hectares were identified as suitable for mussel culture. Suitability maps and databases were made, as well as training on the use of geospatial technologies. Interactive database and GIS Maps for identifying suitable sites for green mussels. It can be accessed through

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