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Pilot testing of longline method for green mussel culture in traditional areas

Mussel longline method was tested for its efficiency and profitability in different study sites to verify and compare the environmental effect from the stake method. It was tested in Capiz, Pangasinan, and Sorsogon as an alternative to the traditional stake method which contributes to the shallowing of the mussel beds due to the high rate of sedimentation.

Mussels in longline had higher growth than those in stake. In a 200m2 farm, longline can produce an average of 905.81 kg of mussels while stake can only produce an 881.13 kg. The longline had shorter payback period of 0.72 year, higher ROI of 139.25%, NPV of PhP 598,096.19, and 144% IRR, than stakes. Initial investment for longline was higher than stakes, however, the net income from a longline farm (PhP 163,501.35) is 35.93% higher than a stake farm (PhP 104,750.00) for green mussel culture.

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