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Suitability mapping

Spectral signature collected from Cavite (each line correspond to a unique soil sample)

Expansion of production area, conversion to coffee production, or replanting of old coffee trees require information on the area-crop suitability.  The system for identifying suitable areas for different coffee varieties through Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) has been developed by Cavite State University (CvSU) to address this concern.  The suitability maps will aid the farmers or agencies involved in the expansion in identifying the areas suitable for a specific coffee variety thereby optimizing the productivity potential of coffee in a given area.

Suitability map

The program Smarter Approaches to reinvigorate Agriculture as an Industry in the Philippines (SARAI) has also developed the suitability maps for Arabica and Robusta coffee using the following data as inputs:  data elevation model, slope, soil. Temperature, rainfall, and climate type.  The decision criteria for the suitability are based on growth requirement of the crop as indicated in published literature, i.e. The Philippines Recommends for Coffee.

Suitability map for Arabica coffee (developed by SARAI)

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