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The Zeolite-silica nanocomposite

The Zeolite-silica nanocomposite (ZNC) is a novel material synthesized and fully characterized at the CLSU Nanotechnology R & D Facility. ZNC can be utilized as soil and water conditioner for aquaculture purposes. Because of its enhanced properties: 262  m2  /g (surface area), smooth surface morphology (SEM), diameter size 38.26±8.32 nm, and amorphous – it is effective in purifying intensified aquatic water. It is slightly soluble, and it is crucial to retain this amorphous quality to enable a sustainable energy system based on the recycling water in the ponds. It Improves water and soil quality conditions for tilapia production through the use of nanoactivated carbon modified with nanoclay clinoptholite (zeolite). In addition, it is environmentally sound approach to solve the problems in intensive aquaculture operations

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